Since 2023 Ruffena has been running a series of thought leadership webinars, featuring expert panels digging into key and current affairs in the alternative investment sector, relevant to entrepreneurs, investors and their advisers. As the sector evolves and the post-pandemic challenges recede, we will be revisiting a number of subjects.

Recent Sessions:

Negotiation: Bridging the Gap and Getting to Terms

9th July 2024

Location: Online

Whether you are an investor, investee, borrower or lender, buyer or seller, there is often a gap between one side and the other on terms for assets or money to change hands.

Mergers and Acquisitions, Exit Opportunities

Hosting Partners: CMS

15th May 2024

Location: Online

The landscape for mergers, acquisitions and trade sales is rapidly evolving. The doldrums appear to be over and for reasons of both stress and opportunity whether you are the buyer or the seller, this area is in the ascent.

R+D tax credits and other Corporation Tax Incentives

Hosting Partners: RCK & MPA

5th March 2024

Location: Online

The R&D Tax Credit Scheme has been around for many years, yet a frightening number of UK businesses do not realisde they can qualify for financial support, and for those that have used the scheme for years, many are finding that HMRC are rightfully much more vigilent on claims.

Secondaries - Sales of Private Stakeholdings

Hosting Partners: Beacon Capital & Pitchbook

1st February 2024

Location: Online

The secondary market has grown tremendously in the last two years, precipitated by the closed IPO market; the challenges that PE funds have had last year; and investors in private companies still seeking an exit.

Debt - New types of lending for SMEs

Hosting Partners: Hosting partners

12th December 2023

Location: Online

Considering Alternative Lending as a funding option for your business? A significant new market for alternative lending has evolved since the credit crunch, led by the private sector.